7DRL – Day 7

It’s done!  The game is here:

Angry Troll versus Magic Bridge – Rules (public release)

A quick-start reference is also available for use as a reference during play or for refreshing previous players:

Angry Troll versus Magic Bridge – Quick-start reference (public release)


The final round of testing produced positive results and led to a few minor amendments to the rules document.  The game really is in a state where the next step is to get it in front of a wider audience.  At this point in the development, I have satisfied my testers, so the only way to get more information is to get new testers.  That’s usually a good time to issue a 1.0 release.

The final design document has been updated to include all of the final details.  The document topped out around 17k words, which is a bit daunting.  That’s what it required, though.

Seven-day Roguelike Entry – Mar 2013 – Day 7

Files referenced in the design document are here: Task 5 Instructions Task 6 Instructions Angry Troll versus Magic Bridge – Rules


It was a successful 7-day challenge for me, and I may consider doing it again next year.  I really enjoyed the high pace of testing, issuing a total of seven player tests over the seven days.  What a rush!


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