7DRL – Day 6

Oh, man.  The physical playtesting went better than could be expected!  These are a real quotes from one of the testers:

[During playtesting] “I really like this game. I can see myself playing this on my own time. I think [my wife] would like to play this, too!”

[Later]  “[My wife] played three times, and she was able to play just fine on her own for the last [time], and pretty [well for] the second too. She lost all of them, best was 13. She said she likes it a lot and its a fun game to play on her own. The only thing she doesn’t like about it is not winning. She did say she would play it more.”

I really didn’t expect such a strong response.  It turns out the game was really fun to play with other people around, too.  There are moments in the game when despair sets in, and everyone else just laughs at your misfortune.  Never miss out on physical playtests.  They are completely worth it.

I wrote the rules and updated the design document.

Seven-day Roguelike Entry – Mar 2013 – Day 6

Yesterday’s tests (plus today’s physical playtest) affirmed the game mechanics.  I did end up removing one of the fiddly rules, because it turns out that the trigger for that rule it too rare for people to quickly learn to remember it.

The final test is testing the written rules to the game.  Here it is, if you want to follow along:

Tester criteria:

  • Must have access to a PDF reader.

Materials required:

  • 52-card deck of playing cards (no jokers or other “extra” cards)
  • A six-sided die (standard die)
  • An object with a flat bottom and top that can be stood on top of a card (I chose a shot glass)

Time required: no more than 20 minutes


Results: (place your written piece below)

[form removed]


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