7DRL – Day 5

Well, we’re into the heat of things now.  I have a complete game design out to testers right now, and tomorrow’s test will have testers looking at rules and other game documentation.  Tomorrow is also the physical testing day, when I will drag two of my testers down to a local brewery for tasty beer and lots of playtesting.

I’ve done some heavy work on documentation, so I’m all caught up now.

Seven-day Roguelike Entry – Mar 2013 – Day 5

Yesterday’s test of the gameplay turned out well.  The testers responded positively and requested more info on the rules.  That’s a good sign!

Today’s test is testing the complete game design.  I didn’t send out the rules; I sent out instructions.  There is an important distinction, because right now, I just want to know if someone else can play the game.  With rules, someone has to be able to understand the totality of the game and be introduced to the basic patterns that will drive their early experience with the game.  With instructions, you just have to follow the steps.

Anyway, today’s test looks the same as Test #5 from yesterday, but the content of the instructions are completely different.  Here it is:

Tester criteria:

  • Must have access to a PDF reader.

Materials required:

  • 52-card deck of playing cards (no jokers or other “extra” cards)
  • A six-sided die (standard die)
  • An object with a flat bottom and top that can be stood on top of a card (I chose a shot glass)

Time required: no more than 20 minutes

(instructions are in the attached PDF)  Task 6 Instructions

Results: (place your written piece below)

Count the cards in your draw deck, the face up piles at the left, and all of the face down piles of the bridge, and put them into the following table. The places correspond to the game setup.

[This answer space is removed from the blog, since the answer format doesn’t work for the polling function.]

[form removed]


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