7DRL – Day 3

My first highly productive day, and I worked on other things for most of the day.  I’ve finished deconstructing both Klondike solitaire and Rogue, and I’ve selected my design elements for the game.  Work has now begun on the form of the game.

Seven-day Roguelike Entry – Mar 2013 – Day 3

Results from yesterday’s test:Yesterday’s test was a probe for story content to flesh out my ideas of the troll and how it should be described or portrayed in order to be interesting.  I got some good stuff from my testers, and some of it is going straight into the game story.

Now, I’m trying to figure out the form of the game.  I did about an hour’s worth of internal iterations to come up with some basic mechanics, but I need to know if I’m going too far outside players’ comfort zones.  This time, I have to test some mechanics.

Tester criteria:

  • none

Materials required:

  • 52-card deck of playing cards (no jokers or other “extra” cards)
  • A six-sided die (standard die)

Time required: no more than 20 minutes

Instructions: (Use your own discretion to interpret the instructions, but don’t try to purposefully misinterpret. Vague or ambiguous directions are likely written that way on purpose.)

  • Get out the deck of cards and place them in a single stack face down.
  • Shuffle the deck to your satisfaction.
  • Create twelve stacks of cards in two rows of six. Place 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3 cards in the stacks right to left.p1
  • Place the rest of the cards to the left of the stacks as a draw deck, leaving space for one stack in between (marked in blue).p2
  • Turn the first card in the draw deck up and place it space 1, next to the bottom row.p3
  • Roll the die and remove the top card from the stack on the bottom row that corresponds to the number on the die. For instance, if the die roll was 4, you would remove top card from the fourth stack on the bottom row.
  • If the card removed is the same color as the card to the left of the bottom row, place it in the stack on top of the card. In the above case, if a red card was revealed, you would put the card on top of the red card in the bottom left. If the card is the opposite color, place that card in the space to the left of the top row.
  • Repeat this ten times:
    1. Turn over a card from the draw deck.
    2. Place the card in the appropriate stack to the left of the rows. That is the row you will remove a card from.
    3. Roll the die. That is the stack you will remove a card from.
    4. Place the removed card face up on the appropriate stack color on the left.

Results: (fill the following form out and reply to this email)

[form removed]


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