7DRL – Day 2

Another busy day.  Having a family is a pretty consistent roadblock to development productivity.  How does Nicolas Casalini do it?

Results from yesterday’s test:

We found that setting up a game of Klondike solitaire can take around 1-2 minutes and playing a game can take around 2-8 minutes, with most of the testers feeling like the setup time was not long.  I was surprised, because the times are much longer than I would have guessed.  Later, I will be able to use this as a benchmark for how much setup and play time are required for my game.

A little more progress has been made on the deconstruction of Klondike solitaire, and a start has been made on the game’s story.

Seven-day Roguelike Entry – Mar 2013 – Day 2

For the story, I like the idea of an angry troll who lives under a magic bridge.  The bridge, being magic, wants to move, but the troll, being curmudgeonly, thinks the bridge should stay put.  The troll climbs out from beneath the bridge to try and beat it into submission in the grandest tradition of trolls everywhere.

I want to make sure I have a troll that is suitable for others to enjoy, so I have elicited troll stories from my testers.

Here is the test:

Tester criteria:

  • none

Materials required:

Time required: no more than 20 minutes

Instructions: (Use your own discretion to interpret the instructions, but don’t try to purposefully misinterpret. Vague or ambiguous directions are likely written that way on purpose.)

  • Read the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.
  • Write a short piece (no more than one page) about the troll AFTER the story. The piece can be in any form: a limerick, a haiku, a description of therapy sessions attended, a letter written home to mother… anything you can think of.
  • If the fancy takes you, you can write multiple pieces, but keep each piece short.

Results: (place your written piece below)

[form removed]


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